Mini mailer

Left the PJs on a PJ

Hey all,

Greetings from CDA HQ. Like you I’m cowering at the prospect of this ghastly threat looming on the horizon: yes, of course, I’m talking about tax season. Our accountants and lawyers are already at work on their spreadsheet legerdemain, in hopes of keeping the sprawling CDA entity online and me out of debtors’ prison. So while I stress-sweat through the next few months — I mean, just how many G700 rentals are we writing off, and what reasons are we giving this time?? — all I’ve got for you is a small update.

Besides, I’m too gone off these Sinovac-Sputnik V speedballs for a full run anyway. My eyes are fogged over and my immune system is so spun nothing will feel normal for days.

Consider this an IOU for a full mailer in the immediate future.

Take care, be well, and thanks for reading.


A month-long forensic examination of a star musician’s social media feed

Nobody needed this, no one asked for it, so of course it had to be done: a nearly exhaustive scroll through the Twitter feed of star British cellist Steven Isserlis in the month of November. You can follow the link to read further. Norman Lebrecht linked to it over at Slipped Disc, which was a gratifying experience once his readers started doing their thing:

  • “[H]is deconstruction of Isserlis’s tweets was, I thought, rather offensive.”

  • “I don’t know anything [about] Roseliep except he could be making better use of his time[.]”

  • “[A] typical classical-music-world case of choosing a ‘god-figure’ and making yourself more relevant by telling the story of how you managed to be ‘in His/Her presence[.]’”

  • “Sounds like someone has too much time on his hands.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself!

The GRAMMYs are delayed, but punters never quit

The GRAMMY Awards were bumped to March due to pandemic-related concerns. While one could ask why they must take place at all this year — or any year for that matter — we’re beyond finding reasons for anything in these tender early days of 2021.

What this delay does provide is a cool two months of speculative wagering and potential financial malfeasance. Wait, are we doing the GRAMMY gamblers’ guide again? Yes. We’re doing the GRAMMY gamblers’ guide again.

Head to this link to pick your winners in eight classical (-adjacent) GRAMMY categories. I’ll send the results to you sometime before the actual ceremony. And then you can use that information to do <<gestures grandly>> whatever you like! Including placing a friendly little wager on a friendly little betting site. Or you can just do it for fun, like I do.